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Eric M. Atkins CPA & Associates provides a wide range of services to individuals and businesses in a variety of industries. We strive to meet each client's specific needs in planning for the future and achieving their goals in an ever-changing financial and regulatory environment.

Our professional services include:

Accounting Services

Vital to the success of any business, small or large, is the bookkeeping functions and reconciliation of cash. The reconciliation of cash accounts and proper documentation of expenses is essential to accurate financial statement reporting. Whether the statements are interim management use only financial statements or compiled financial statements for third parties i.e. lending institutions or prospective buyers, financial statements are utilized to make financial decisions and the statements must be reliable. Atkins & Associates, CPA offers a wide range of bookkeeping services from manually posting to the general ledger all income, check disbursements, cash disbursements, bank debits, and/or credit card charges, and reconciling the cash, credit cards, and note payables. We also offer more progressive services of maintaining clients’ Quickbooks file or other internal accounting software package on a regular basis to insure accuracy and completeness. Complete and accurate financial statements are critical in tax planning and developing business strategies to maximize profits and limit tax liability. Clients benefit from our bi-annual tax projections which allows us to be proactive in tax planning and limit tax liability.

We also handle the preparation of sales & use tax, meal tax (if applicable), business license, personal property tax, and payroll taxes and related reports. Please see Payroll Services for more information regarding payroll.

Payroll Services

Payroll is a key component to any business with employees. A business owner and/or management could spend hours per pay period preparing payroll, the related taxes and filing reports. The penalties assessed by the taxing authorities can be excessive and unforgiving for non-compliance. Atkins & Associates, CPA offers services to assist our clients to stay within compliance and avoid unnecessary penalties.

  • Post Facto Payroll – With post facto payroll the owner or manager is still responsible for preparing the payroll checks only, per pay period. The client will then submit all the payroll information on a regular basis to Atkins & Associates. We will prepare all necessary and related taxes for payment and complete and/or file all required payroll reports. Therefore, the client will not have to concern themselves with calculating the amount due or worry about report filing due dates.
  • Live Payroll – With “Live Payroll” Atkins & Associates, CPA becomes your payroll department. We have partnered with one of the world's leading payroll providers to offer clients an affordable & easy way of doing payroll. Please check out our "Payroll Services" tab for further information. As your payroll services provider, the client will only have to track and record the employee(s) hours and report them to their payroll specialist at Atkins & Associates or login into their client payroll portal 48 hours prior to the pay date and we will prepare the payroll checks for your review & signature or direct deposit. We will also prepare and file all necessary taxes, and related reports. We make payroll easy and allow our clients to do what they do best…MAKE MONEY!!!

Tax Preparation

There are only two things certain in life and taxes are one of them. The tax code, whether individual, business, fiduciary, or non-profit, can be very complex and is ever changing. Atkins & Associates, CPA through continuous educational tax update seminars stays up to date on the constant changes in the tax code that relate to our clients. We work aggressively and diligently to insure our clients receive every deduction and/or credit available and allowable to them under current applicable laws. Nobody wants to pay more than their fair share. Atkins & Associates, CPA will review prior year tax returns for inaccuracies, completeness, and make suggestions as to amend open prior years, if need be.

  • Individual Taxes (1040) – In general, most taxpayers file on a calendar year basis ending December 31st and their taxes are due April 15th (October 15th if on extension) of the following year. Not all taxpayers are the same, therefore we examine each taxpayer’s situation individually and diligently work to get them every deduction and/or credit they are entitled and allowed under current applicable laws. Remember, an extension is additional time to file, NOT PAY. If you think you may owe, you may want to consider an estimated payment with your extension application. Atkins & Associates, CPA can help to determine any potential tax liability if you think you may owe but need more time to organize your tax documents to file your return.
  • Business Taxes – Whether your business entity is a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company, they all must file a tax return. The due dates and type of tax return will depend on your entity type. Consult with a tax professional at Atkins & Associates to insure your business is filing the proper tax return and receiving all of the deductions and credits allowable under current applicable laws. There are certain deductions and credits that apply to only certain industries. Atkins & Associates can help you take full advantage of these deductions and/or credits that may apply to your particular industry.
  • Fiduciary Taxes – Fiduciary taxes can arise through the creation of a trust or estate. Depending on the situation, a fiduciary return can be straight forward and simple or very complex. Trusts and estates are generally governed by legal directives such as wills and can be kept open for years. Atkins & Associates can help in properly accounting for all trust and/or estate income, deductions, and assets to properly and timely file the necessary fiduciary return.
  • Non-Profits – Like any entity recognized by the IRS, non-profits must file annual tax returns. The type of non-profit tax return will depend on the size and activity of the non-profit. Non-profits have become increasingly scrutinized over the years by the IRS. A failure to file a non-profit tax return for 3 straight years will result in a non-profit having their tax exempt status revoked. Once revoked, there is no reinstatement of the tax exempt status and the organization must reapply for tax exempt status.


Consulting can have a wide variety of meanings and definitions. At Atkins & Associates, CPA, we consult clients on a variety of matters, personal and business. Our consulting services include, but not limited to, Quickbooks training and implementation, creating business plans i.e. budgets and cash flow projections, business valuations for estate planning or succession plans, personal financial statements, and entity formation.

Financial Planning

Proper financial planning is essential to good financial health. Atkins & Associates is here to help our clients make well informed decisions regarding their personal and business finances. Nobody plans to fail financially but failing to plan for the future can lead to financial ruins. We will guide our clients through different financial options highlighting the tax advantages and disadvantages.

Tax Matters

Whether it was the downturn in the economy, unforeseen economic event, or a lack of attentiveness by a previous bookkeeper or accountant, Atkins & Associates can help put you back on the track of financial success and profitability. Back taxes, penalties, and interest can be crushing financially. In general, the taxing authorities are willing to work with the taxpayer to resolve any prior back taxes still outstanding. We will work with the taxing authorities on your behalf to get you a payment plan that will fit your budget and/or make an offer and compromise to reduce your liability. We will pursue requests for full or partial abatement of penalties, however, abatement of penalties are NOT guaranteed and determined on a case by case basis by the taxing authorities.

QuickBooks Accounting Help and Assistance

Quickbooks has become the most popular accounting software for small and mid-sized businesses, controlling 85% of the market. With the advances in information technology over the last 10 to 15 years, we have the ability to have real time data at our fingertips 24/7. Business owners expect their accountant to be knowledgeable of the always changing information systems to capture and record data. As a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Atkins & Associates, CPA can consult, implement, and maintain your Quickbooks internal accounting system. Whether it is the front of the store with a Point of Sale (POS) system, desktop or online QuickBooks, we are here to make sure your Quickbooks is accurate and giving management real time feedback on the financial health of the business.

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