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Welcome to Eric M. Atkins, CPA is located at 6004 High Street in the Churchland section of Portsmouth along Route 17 (Located between Harris Tire and Churchland Animal Clinic right next to The Printing Center) .  Eric M. Atkins, CPA founded in 2014 and is a full service accounting and tax preparation firm specializing in small to mid-size businesses.  At Atkins & Associates, CPA we are committed to forming long lasting business relationships with our clients.  We like to partner with our clients to formulate and develop business strategies to maximize profits and limit tax liability.  Our highly skilled staff continuously stays up to date on the ever changing business landscape and tax laws through rigorous continuing education seminars throughout the year.   We make your business our business and we are committed to the success of our clients.  Business owners want their tax advisor to take an active interest in their business and be proactive in tax planning.  Accounting cost is a small percentage of a company’s total expenses and our fees could often pay for themselves with the tax savings through proper and proactive tax planning.  We offer a wide range of services including, but not limited to, bookkeeping, tax preparation (business, personal, fiduciary, and non-profit), payroll services, Quickbooks training and consulting, consulting services, financial planning, and resolution of tax matters.  Please click on our services link above for more information regarding our services.  Contact us today for your free initial consultation on the services we can provide for you and/or your business.

The greatest compliment we can receive from our clients is a referral! 

Tax Season Office Hours (Jan 4th through Apr 15th)

  • Monday - Friday       8:30 am to 5:00 pm and by appointment after 5:00 pm
  • Saturday                     10:00 pm to 3:00 pm
  • Sunday                        10:00 am to 2:00 pm


If you need to schedule an appointment outside of our regular office hours, please contact us at 757-574-0365, 757-277-2406, or email us at and we will be happy to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

QuickBooks Pro Advisor

As a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Atkins & Associates can assist you with your QuickBooks setup, implementation, and maintenance.  Many small businesses have found QuickBooks to be an effective management tool.  Whether your running the desktop or online version of QuickBooks, we are here to help.  Through our QuickBooks Pro Advisor program, we can offer our clients discounts on the various QuickBooks' products.  Give Atkins & Associates a call to schedule your free initial consultation to discuss the QuickBooks options available to your business.

Important Dates

01/15/2019 - 2015 4th quarter estimated tax payment is due.

01/28/2019 - IRS begins accepting and processing 2015 tax returns.

03/15/2019 - Corporate Tax Returns (Form 1120/1120S) are due for those with a tax year ending 12/31/2015.  Automatic 6 month extensions are granted if extension is filed by 03/15/2016.

04/15/2019 - Individual (Form 1040), Partnerships (Form 1065), and Estates & Trusts (Form 1041) tax returns are due for those with a tax year ending 12/31/2015.   Automatic 6 month extensions are granted for individuals (Form 1040) if extension is filed by 04/18/2016.  Remember, this is an extension to file Form 1040.  There is NO extension to pay.  If you think you might owe for the 2015 tax year, please consider an estimated payment with your extension.  Automatic 5 month extensions are granted for Partnerships (Form 1065) and Estates & Trusts (Form 1041) tax returns if application for extension is filed by 04/18/2016.  Also, 2016 1st quarter estimated tax payment is due.

06/15/2019 - 2nd quarter estimated tax payment is due.

09/15/2019 - Corporate (Form 1120/1120S), Partnerships (Form 1065), and Estate & Trusts (Form 1041) tax returns on extension are due.  Failure to file these tax returns by 09/15/2016 can result in substantial penalties.  Also, 2016 3rd quarter estimated tax payment is due.

10/15/2019 - Individual (Form 1040) tax returns on extension are due.

Tax Scam

The Internal Revenue Service has issued a warning regarding a telephone tax scam.  The scammers are calling taxpayers and identifying themselves as IRS agents and they are notifying the taxpayer of overdue taxes.  The false agent demands payment immediately over the phone or further legal action will be taken.  The IRS WILL NOT contact taxpayers by telephone regarding past due taxes and demand payment immediately without a proper appeals process.  Please DO NOT give out personal or payment information over the phone to someone claiming to be from the IRS.  Identity theft can be crushing and take years to recover financially.  Please notify the IRS immediately if you believe you have been a possible target of this scam.  You can read more about this tax scam at;-IRS-Identifies-Five-Easy-Ways-to-Spot-Suspicious-Calls.

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We are constantly looking to improve our services to our clients.  One of the best ways to improve our services is client feedback.  We would love to here your thoughts on our services.



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  • Eric M. Atkins, CPA, PC
  • 6004 High St. W
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